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Clubhouse closure

For the weekend Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August 2022, the roads surounding Roker Park are being used for a Triathalon meeting, this could lead to very limited parking for the weekend. With this in mind the committe have decided that the clubhouse will not be open on Sunday 21st August.

Open days

Click here to find out what happend on our August 7th 2022 Open Day

Members boats

Clicking here takes you to a day in the life of a Modelmaker on the Boating Lake.

Club Visits

More information on club visits to other venues and clubs.

Pond cleanliness

Cleaning up the birds mess click here

A bit about our club

Roker Park was built on land donated to the people of Sunderland in 1880, by Sir Hedworth Williamson, with the lake itself purpose built to allow the local people to sail their model boats. Today, even though there are still sailing boats and even some powered by steam, most of the boats are powered by electric motors, which some people take great pride in and display them in various shows around the country. The boating lake is used by many people and in 2005 several of them got together to form what is now the Roker Park Model Boat Club. This does not mean that you must belong to the club to be able to sail your boat, but club membership is now around 50 people, and they get together on two days a week.

Sunday mornings from 9am to 11am are when the majority meet but there is also a midweek get-together on Thursday morning, and these also are generally from 9am to 11am. We also hold two open days each year where possible to coincide with the 'Friends of the Park' events (subject to Covid restrictions). For these open days, we generally erect a large gazebo (in case of inclement weather), and members will arrange a display of their boats. A lot of these boats would have been built from scratch i.e., from a plan using wood or plastic, but others are built from kits that are available online and from most model shops.