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Open Days

Model boat builders around the world take great pride in creating models that are 100% accurate to the real thing and can spend many hours (and £'s) in gaining that accuracy. We can also make fun boats using a variety of propulsion types such as: electric motors, steam, wind and even the odd elastic band.

So each year (Covid permitting), the club holds days when the members can show the public their own pride and joys. Over the past years we have had many successful days, that have brought visitors (and potentially new members) from right across the region. We have also run our open days as a club lone event, that even though mostly successful, in 2022 we are striving to combine our open days with that of the Model Rail Engineers and other Roker Park users.

There are two provisional dates for the year 2022 and these are Sunday 7th August and to combine with the Model Rail Engineers, Sunday 4th of September.

As a treat for the kids during future open days, with the support of Sunderland Council we have procured two small boats with transmitters. These will be available to the children under the care of a parent to have a go at steering a model boat.

Links to previous open days

The last open day that we had because of Covid was September 2019

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